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Ben Affleck’s Watch In Gone Girl Movie

In this psychological thriller movie Gone Girl (2014), Ben Affleck plays as Nick Dunne who returns home on his fifth wedding anniversary only to find his wife Amy missing. With her disappearance becoming the focus of an intense media circus, Nick finds the spotlight turned on him when it’s suspected that he may be responsible for her murder.

In the movie, you can see him wearing his watch nearly 24/7 even while sleeping. There was also part of the scene just before his interview where he tells his sister to go get his watch box for him and he later mentions sarcastically that he loves his watch which was given by his wife on his 33rd birthday. It could be a different watch but the watch that he wears all the time is the Rolex GMT Master II “Pepsi”.


It’s referred as the “Pepsi” because of the blue and red bezel which resembles the color theme of the soft drink producer. On closer inspection in the movie, the bezel does look like the model reference 16710 but it could also be earlier models. This model has a 40mm stainless steel case and comes with Rolex’s in-house caliber 3185/3186 movement which has a 48 hours reserve and beats at 28,800 bph. It’s paired nicely with the classic stainless steel oyster bracelet.


The aluminum bezel means that it’s not as durable and scratch resistant as the newer ceramic models. The bezel also features 24 hour numeral markers which is for use by pilots and navigators. The GMT hand lets you set a second time zone independently and has a sapphire crystal. The GMT Master II is also water resistant to 100 meters.

Check out the wrist shots of this beautiful watch in the movie.




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