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The Equalizer: Watch Seen In The Movie (Suunto)

Denzel Washington is back in another action packed movie called The Equalizer (2014) where he plays as Robert McCall, a former black ops commando who faked his death for a quiet life in Boston and then he meets Teri, a young girl under the control of the violent Russian gangsters. Armed with dangerous skills, McCall comes out of retirement to help the girl and serve justice.

In the movie, you get to see him wear a cool black watch where he times himself before unleashing horror on the Russian mob. The watch seems to look like the Suunto Core All Black ref. SS014279010. Unfortunately the large stopwatch function that you see in the movie does not exist in the actual watch and was edited-in using CGI effects but this is the closest you’ll get. If the stopwatch feature is what you want, then check out the Suunto 5 GPS sports watch in all black which comes with both the stopwatch and countdown timer.

The Equalizer Watch Suunto Core All Back Stopwatch

For the outdoor enthusiasts, it comes with a host of features. The composite case material keeps the watch light at 64g but it’s chunky measuring 49.1mm in both diameter and lug to lug with a thickness of 14.5mm. The black elastomer strap which is essentially rubber material pairs well with the watch. It has an intelligent Storm Alarm that checks for rapid drop in air pressure and lets you know that something unpleasant is fast approaching.

Suunto Core All Black SS014279010

The built-in altimeter shows you your current elevation like how much you’ve climbed or descended and is accurate to 30,000 feet. The barometer function lets you measure and record air pressure to predict short term changes in the weather conditions. Low pressure indicates inclement weather such as rain or storms while high pressure brings clear skies.

The Suunto Core All Black also has a built-in weather trend indicator that lets you predict the weather in advance with amazing accuracy. It has a digital compass where you can also set your bearing with a rotating bezel. It includes other functionalities like dual times, date display, alarm, water resistance to 100 feet and other functions. While the water resistance level isn’t that great but it has a depth meter reading up to 30 feet which can be used for light snorkeling.

If you’re someone who likes the outdoor like biking, hiking and camping then this is the watch for you. It retails for $329 but you can get it now for around $118 at Amazon. Check out the watch on Denzel’s wrist in the movie trailer below:-

The Equalizer Watch Suunto Core All Back Stopwatch 2denzel-washington-the-equalizer-suunto-core-black-military-1

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  1. Mihail Reply

    But that watch don’t have timer function on first screen, like in the movie. I think it made especially for that scene or it’s just computer graphic.

  2. james jack Reply

    Is this an updated version. Apart from the strap it looks the same as mine, but I don’t have a large stopwatch function like that shown. On mine the stopwatch displays below the time and is in a smaller font than the time. Sometimes when I’m running and I have sweat in my eyes it’s hard to read the smaller stopwatch, so I’m interested if there’s some kind of upgrade here…

  3. Mirza Wiraatmadja Reply

    I wanna buy that watch

  4. Tyler Reply

    Are you sure about the watch being a Suunto Core? It does look like a Core. I have the all Black version and unaware that there is a Blue digital display? Perhaps Suunto made a special version just for the movie with a blue display.

    • Kanlaya Reply

      yes that is the main reason I want the watch because of the blue color of the stop watch can anyone confirm this please

  5. BestWatchBrandsHQ Reply

    Yeah this could be an updated version just for the movie but it sure is the closest to the model mentioned

  6. john mactavish Reply

    on the amazon link, in the color selection, click on the 9th selection, it will select the all black military watch. this one looks like the equalizer watch with the blue backlight

    • BestWatchBrandsHQ Reply

      Yeah looks like you are right. It does look like the one but more expensive.

  7. Rudra Reply

    I just bought this model, i hope it is the same as the movie.. i personally think that its the backlight that makes it blue. i have a couple of suunto watches and all of them has the blue backlight.. i will post it as it will come in tomorrow. keep u guys updated!

  8. Knathan the Knight Reply

    @Rudra – Yeah, how did the watch turn out? Just like the movie; just as expected?

    • Hugo Reply

      It turned out that the watch in the movie IT DOES NOT EXIST. Is mainly the Suunto Core All Black model as we can se here BUT, ONLY THE MOVIE ONE has the BIG STOPWATCH. The ones you can buy does NOT have that big stopwatch. SHAME!

  9. DogsGooner Reply

    On the Suunto website go to the Product Q&A for the Suunto Core and search for “Equaliser” (or stopwatch). You will find an answer from Suunto stating that the watch in the film *is* the Suunto core All Black, but the stopwatch shown in the large display in the film was a CGI special effect added by the movie company and is not possible on the real watch. boo!

  10. Everythingcpo Reply

    Here’s a short video showing the scenes from The Equalizer that contain the watch…and yes…it’s not exactly true to real life (as explained).

    Here is also another couple of videos I have made on the Suunto Core All Black

  11. Kevin L. Reply

    Thanks for all your posts. I recently bought also the Suunto all core black model, and was trying real hard to get the stopwatch function bigger on the main screen vs the smaller one. Yeah, real unfortunate it is a special effect only as when I run too, I cannot see the small stopwatch. They should add this feature later to a new version. Does anyone know how to brighten the backlight, it is so dim. Thanks

  12. Kevin L. Reply

    My Suunto all core black has white markers around the clock face and two white solid markers at the north point. It looks like there is a model in this article that shows fluorescent yellow markers? The one Denzel is wearing looks like it has white markers.

  13. Rocky Reply

    I have this watch and love it completely The stop watch part is cgi for the movie.
    The storm alarm is amazing, calibrate it right. You can program the compass, the depth meter is great, alto is cool, no complaints at all!!!

  14. Rocky_42 Reply

    Yo compré este reloj al ver la pelicula, me impresiono el cronómetro.
    Ahora estoy decepcionado y frustado, el cronómetro no se ve apenas.
    La verdad, me siento un poco engañado.
    Un saludo

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