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Eulit Canvas Strap Review

Having hands-on experience with Hadley Roma’s Cordura canvas strap, I was in need of a replacement after years of service. I was pretty happy with the rugged look of the Cordura which aged pretty well and was looking to get a similar one again till I stumbled across another brand called Eulit.

Curiosity sets in and I decided to give this one a try. Eulit is a German company with a long history being founded in 1924. They manufacture all kinds of straps including leather watch straps from tanneries in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Interestingly, they also have been producing straps for Swiss watch brand Maurice Lacroix and others for more than 20 years.

20mm Eulit Black Canvas Strap

I ordered the 20mm black canvas strap and on first impression seems pretty similar with the Hadley Roma’s version. Measuring at 120mm/80mm, it’s pretty much the standard length though I wished there was a shorter version. Wearing pretty stiff, it takes a couple of days for it to break-in but the quality is noticeable from the dense fabric material with the cowhide leather lining on the inner side. It’s 4mm thick at the lug ends and tapers to 3mm at the opposite end. The strap also tapers from 20mm to 18mm and is paired with a standard brushed satin stainless steel buckle.

Lucius Atelier Submariner Snowflake Seamaster Hands

Love pairing a rugged black canvas strap with a white dial watch. Seen here with a Lucius Atelier Snowflake Submariner dial mod.

After wearing it for a couple of days, I notice a couple of negatives. Firstly, is that it frays but I notice this with most of my canvas straps including the Cordura. Personally, I don’t mind this too much and like the outcome for a well-loved strap which has its own patina of wear after a while. Also the keeper felt a bit loose and I find that the strap end keeps flopping around which is a bit irritating.

Apart from that if you’re looking for a well made water-resistant German-made canvas strap, here’s one that you should definitely consider. The Eulit canvas strap sells for $28 and is available from Amazon or Holben’s Fine Watch Bands which is where I got mine.

Eulit Black Canvas Strap SideEulit Canvas Strap Cowhide Leather LiningEulit Canvas Strap Water Resistant MaterialLucius Atelier Submariner Snowflake Dial Mod

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  1. Cy Reply

    What is the base model for this watch mod?

    • BestWatchBrandsHQ Reply

      This is the Seiko 5 SNK027K which I have also reviewed on the site. It’s a long discontinued Seiko ‘Seamaster’ range which includes models like Seiko SNK029, SNK031, SNZ389 and SNZ391 as far as I know. Good luck hunting for one.

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