Nomos Shell Cordovan Watch Strap Review With Vintage Omega
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Nomos Shell Cordovan Watch Strap Review

Nomos Shell Cordovan Watch Strap Review My rating: 4.5 out of 5

Having small wrists can be frustrating not only with watches but with limited strap length options sometimes. That is why the custom route is taken with bespoke strap makers like Bas & Lokes or Camille Fournet where it can be rather pricey. Having added a beautiful vintage Omega from the 1960s to the collection, the hunt was on for a strap replacement for the beautiful linen dial with gold indices.

I have never noticed Nomos straps till it was mentioned in a Youtube channel on how comfortable it felt. So I decided to check it out and was pleasantly surprised that they not only had multiple lug widths but also different length sizes as well. Having tried Jack Foster’s Horween Chromexcel strap, I figured it would be good to try out their Horween shell cordovan strap series to compare. I went for the black with brown stitching where it should pair well with the aged gold markers on the watch.

Unlike Chromexcel where the leather undergoes multiple tanning process to achieve a unique outcome, shell cordovan is a more specific leather coming from a thin fibrous flat connective tissue under the skin on the rump of the horse. The leather is vegetable tanned and exudes a soft, waxy finish the result of an extensive 6-month tanning process. It’s often regarded to be one of the finest leather around with its durability and with care can last for many years.

Nomos Shell Cordovan Watch Strap Review PackageNomos Shell Cordovan Watch Strap Review Catalog

So I ordered the 18mm Size S which has the measurements:- long part 105 mm, short part 70 mm and also tapers down to 16mm at the buckle. This would be ideal for 6 inch wrists while still providing other options like XS, M, L and XL. Nomos has you covered. I was pleasantly surprised that the price included shipping and for my case was using FedEx. It arrived after a few days and for a moment I wondered if they had mistakenly shipped me a Nomos watch(why would I mind that?) instead as a strap doesn’t need such a huge package. Regretfully, Santa was not around but still I received the watch packed tastefully paired with colorful catalogues of their latest collection. Nice touch Nomos.

Nomos Shell Cordovan Watch Strap Review

The strap has a glossy surface which is not for everyone but seeing that it picked up scuffs rather easily, it shows a lot of character and should age beautifully. The strap is unlined and has the Nomos brand stamped on the inner side. The word NOMOS is also etched onto the polished buckle. The folded leather measures around 2.8mm thick which is still elegantly thin and the edges are painted black. On the wrist, it’s indeed comfortable as mentioned by others and requires not much breaking-in.

It matches perfectly with the vintage Omega and that brown stitching actually made the watch looked sportier. While I have thought of replacing the buckle with an aftermarket Omega one but I left it at that for the time being. The strap deserves some recognition even with this odd pairing. If you’re on a lookout for a nicely handmade shell cordovan strap, you should put this in your strap purchase list. Coming in at an affordable $110, you can check out their straps here.

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