Henry Cavill Watch In Mission Impossible Fallout Movie
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Henry Cavill’s Watch In Mission Impossible Fallout Movie

In this 2018 action-packed movie, Ethan Hunt and team is back to find themselves in Berlin to prevent a nuclear disaster only to fail with the plutonium falling into the hands of a terrorist network called the Apostles. CIA Agent August Walker aka Superman aka Henry Cavill comes into the picture to assist the team to find the plutonium cores before it’s too late.

The MI franchise is back with a bang and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. As usual, my eyes were trying to spot for any noticeable wrist watch presence in the movie but surprisingly couldn’t find any except for the mysterious Henry Cavill who seemed to be wearing a bulky looking digital watch of some sorts which is not obvious. At first I thought probably it could be some typical smartwatch or fitness watch like Garmin or something similar but if I have to guess, it would probably be the Suunto Spartan Ultra. I think that it’s more durable and would fit his character in the movie better. In some scenes, there’s a hint of rose gold color of the watch which could also be the special copper edition.

Suunto Spartan Ultra All Black Titanium HR

The Suunto Spartan Ultra series is a GPS watch for the athletic adventurers. With 18 hours of battery life in training mode and up to 140 hours in power saving mode, the case is built with polyamide material and is water resistant to an impressive 100 meters. It has a large touch screen protected by a sapphire glass. The bezel is made of grade 5 titanium and the watch can withstand and operate in temperatures ranging from -5 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s jam packed with features like 80 different activities to track and also has built-in altimeter, compass and barometer.

The GPS is highly accurate and route planning is set-up with the Movescount app, which allows you to download routes for a variety of outdoor activities ahead of your trail run, bike ride, or open water swim. Measuring 50mm wide and 17mm thick, it’s a very large watch as can be seen on Henry’s wrist. It seems that it’s also highly customisable for some models where you get to choose from bezel, pusher colors, case and strap colors. You can even have a custom phrase printed on the back.

The whole Suunto Spartan range can be confusing with the basic Spartan Trainer retailing at $279, then moving up to the Spartan Sport at around $369 while the top of the range Spartan Ultra HR at around $560. If you’re interested, check out the entire range here from Amazon.

Henry Cavill Watch In Mission Impossible Fallout Movie 2

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